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The name Scud has been widely used to refer to these missiles and the wide variety of derivative variants developed in other countries based on the Soviet design.
Funnily enough, a recent trawl through family albums has proved that Scud was there in the background almost all the time.
The Scud had been launched at Saudi Arabia by Yemeni forces several times during the nearly seven-month-old war, but has been shot down by American-provided Patriot missiles at least twice.
As the weeks of the war passed, we couldn't believe the Scuds were still falling.
The Scud missile attack comes after 4 Saudi soldiers including an officer were killed on the attack on Jizan and Najran on Friday.
Des opposants et des militants syriens avaient soutenu que l'armee a tire, a partir d'une base dans la region de Damas, des missiles Scud vendredi sur un quartier de la ville d'Alep, faisant 58 morts dont 36 enfants selon l'Observatoire syrien des droits de l'Homme (OSDH).
It's undoubtedly embarrassing for the administration to concede that even the use of Scud missiles will not draw a U.
Stavridis wrote in a blog on Friday: "Over the past few days, a handful of Scud missiles were launched inside Syria, directed by the regime against opposition targets.
BEIRUT: Is Hezbollah set to acquire Scud ballistic missiles as a consequence of the worsening security situation in Syria?
By CHRIS HUGHES Security Correspondent COLONEL Gaddafi's forces fired a Scud missile for the first time in Libya's civil war as rebels gained ground.
Two Tornado planes attacked FROG-7 rocket launchers and canisters used to carry Scud missiles at the site near the city of Sirte.
The Israeli daily HAARETZ reported that Netanyahu had told his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi during an official visit to Paris last week that Lebanese armed men are operating Scud missiles at bases in Syria.