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The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is displaying a collection of rarely-seen sketches and figurative works from Caro's early career, including a bronze portrait of US art critic Clement Greenberg, who was an important advocate of Caro's work.
This project will give sculpture the recognition it deserves and open it up for greater public enjoyment.
Nick Hubbard, Engineer at BMT WBM comments: Following a first inspection late last year we found that the natural water run-off within the sculpture garden had caused damage to the submerged footings.
Fadi Jameel, president of ALJ Community Initiatives International, stated that ALJCI International is proud to have been actively involved with the municipality to cooperate in the restoration venture of this rare collection of sculptures and to restore Jeddah to its rightful status as "The bride of the Red Sea.
Franz Arner said, "We are now offering both finished sculpture and commissioned water sculpture for specific situations both indoors and outdoors.
This stunning woodland area is managed by the Forestry Commission and has been a popular sculpture trail for more than 35 years.
Chain-saw sculptor Stacy Poitras of Woodland Hills has been working for about three weeks on the sculpture.
Nick Leger and Lewis Kennedy's sculpture "Tankety Tank" was recognized for best use of found materials, and Anne Irwin and Will Wilson's sculpture "Wolly W" was named "Most Humorous.
The sculpture was installed on the Plaza of the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
Organized in ten chapters, the curators consider Early History (Classical, Gothic and Baroque), the Triumph of Scale, The Conquest of Three-Dimensional Space (Cubism, De Stijl, and Bauhaus), The Discovery of Sculptural Form (Expressionism), Spirit Soul and Space (Steiner and Wittgenstein), The Age of Sculpture (1950-60 Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright), Sculpture, Path and Place (monuments and installations), Minimalism or the Love of the Box, The Sculpted City (Utopias), and Blob and Box (twenty-first century virtual reality).
Then there are the originators of the Sculpture Trails, Pat Mlejnecky, an English teacher married to a Czech, and Maria Phillips, who came to Britain in 1947 as a young refugee when the Communists came to power in Czechoslovakia.
The first essay, by Antje Middeldorf Kosegarten, explores descriptions and perceptions of sculpture in medieval literary sources.