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The Hepworth is housing a collection of 40 works, ranging from largescale painted sculptures to small, wearable pieces of jewellery.
Importantly, the project will record the condition of sculptures and monuments at risk.
Taking this development further as part of the waterfront development of the central Jeddah Corniche, Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI) commissioned consultants Plowden & Smith, a UK company specializing in the restoration of sculptures, to maintain 27 steel sculptures made by prominent international artists along the Jeddah Central Corniche, and tasked them to restore the sculptures to their original artistic glory.
The Adelaide Hills community, local businesses and three councils have combined their resources to commission eight sculptures from 2012, and a further 16 from 2014 and 2016.
Cherie added, "It's not only about unique stones and unique sculptures, but we try to make explicit what was already implicit in the stone or landscape.
This idyllic spot houses both a permanent array of sculptures as well as new exhibits by contemporary artists.
Some of his most unique sculptures have been a mermaid, a soccer ball and a pair of ice skates.
The bronze sculptures are created by four artists from the region (a fifth artist will help out with future sculptures).
The sculptures were exhibited in the James Earl Carter Library gallery at Georgia Southwestern State University as part of the school's SpringFest celebration.
Not all of the sculptures in the show are as effective as Voodoo Children, but taken together they have an appealing dignity.
Through their direct juxtaposition with the sculptures, the abstracted representations of buildings in model form, perhaps more than the curators ever imagined, demonstrate how the term sculptural means far more than mere shape.
The profits raised from tickets, refreshments and commission on the sale of the sculptures goes to the church, the village hall and other village needs, including the regular arts and crafts workshops and the new play area.