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And this is mild stuff compared to The Punishment Inflicted on Lemuel Gulliver, an exercise in pure scurrility where the target is the corrupt government of Robert Walpole.
Yet their occasional beauty remains, for many readers, marred by scurrility and name-calling.
Trelawny, in which "even a 'sense of duty towards her father' could not compel her 'to become the object of scurrility and attacks' and 'to meet the misery that must be hers' were she to resurrect her father's life and place William Godwin once again on public display" (510).
This scurrility has the effect of further diminishing the character of the Prince rather than characterizing the Jewish shopkeeper.
The Prado Danae, painted to order for Philip II of Spain, reduces myth to scurrility by the introduction of a swarthy and ill-clad procuress, who anxiously catches the coins in her apron.
He aimed for the dissemination of "superior" literary expression "untainted by scurrility and personal abuse.
The usual six-line description which follows does not disappoint, completing the climactic series with a precipitous descent into scurrility.
The focus in Muddy York Mud: Scandal and Scurrility in Upper Canada is on the cast of characters and events involved in the Types Riot of 1826 when William Lyon Mackenzie's printing press, on which he produced the Colonial Advocate, was vandalized by an angry mob of York citizens.
It's when sex or scurrility are used for their own sakes that they are in bad taste.
Scurrility, assaults, corruption, blatancy were commonplace.
Two books published within the past 20 years provide enough delicious scurrility to obviate the need for delving back into a Congress that no longer exists.
From satire and nonsense, it is a short journey to Jonsonian "games of vapours" and scurrility.