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I believe the unique character of the old Newtown Herald should, like the Old Volcano (local name for The Vulcan) be preserved as this journal made it possible for later scurrilous tabloid newspapers to emerge from the swamp.
Lokur said after Gujarat Police alleged Sharma had retained the scurrilous charges in the plea for CBI probe despite an order of the court to remove them.
This is a scurrilous, irresponsible and mischievous report.
Jordan said: "Just after I bought the club seven years ago, Neil put some scurrilous rumour in the press that we were swapping Clinton Morrison for Marcus Bent and paying them pounds 1million and I rang him and said 'You little f***r' - it was the start of a beautiful friendship.
Among his topics are mercantile networks and printing in Germany and elsewhere, commercial contacts and the tides of reform, vernacular scriptures and scurrilous propaganda, and circles of diffusion.
As important, Dean's book calls to mind nothing so much as the scurrilous treatment of Barry Goldwater back in the 1964 campaign.
And the more resistance McCarthy and Cohn encountered, the more scurrilous their attacks became.
Your article and scurrilous cartoon impugning the integrity of our armed services left me reeling in disbelief.
How hollow the scurrilous charges of racism or ``Islamophobia'' will ring, now that the United States is helping to install an Arab and Muslim leadership, one chosen and supported by the predominantly Arab and Muslim population.
I do expect the media, however, especially the Catholic media, to refrain from scurrilous inaccuracy.
The most fun to be had from this book will be the arguments it causes about which of DeLay's antics is most scurrilous, is it his turning over his office to industry lobbyists to write legislation?