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Our trip was filled with unexpected bonuses: watching a baselisk lizard tiptoeing across the water, having a barn owl's distinctive face appear in a hole in a bank on the Bebedero River, seeing fledgling owls scurrying to hide, or getting a 5 a.
Because the spillway will soon be completed, workboats and barges are scurrying about the lake in a race to finish their work.
Last year's finding that chlorine bleaching of wood pulp generte some 250 different chlorinated contaminants, including the most toxic dioxin, sent paper mills scurrying to modify or redesign their bleaching operations (SN: 8/5/89, p.
an earthquake sends all members of the New York Giants and Chicago Cubs scurrying out of dugouts and toward second base until the tremors stop.
Confirming the repellent's potency, the researchers sent ants scurrying from a sugar-water feast by cutting through a nearby D.
THE passage in 1978 of Proposition 13, which sharply reduced property taxes, sent cities scurrying to find new sources of revenue.
One whiff of this scent, emitted by honeybee larvae, sends a female bee mite scurrying toward it.
Feverish demand has left builders scurrying to boost supply.
sending 10 customers and hairdressers scurrying, authorities said.
Mobutu, who is suffering from advanced cancer and is unable to stand up unassisted, arrived at Congo's Pointe-Noire port Friday morning but refused to walk up a steep 31-step gangplank to the ship, sending diplomats and his hosts scurrying to devise other solutions.
Amid the bustle of commuters scurrying to catch buses and the Metrolink at the San Fernando/Sylmar transit center, soon there will be the laughter of little children.