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This methodology could provide an overall view of the level of variation within the scutes from the same specimen and between scutes from different specimens.
Turtles in this study showed a similar pattern of tissue Hg distribution observed in many other species of turtles (liver > kidney [greater than or equal to] scutes > muscle).
polyphemus are needed to examine scute tissue formation in association with shell degradation.
caninus 15 38 8 Table 3 Frequency distributions of lateral-line scales and scutes in the Caranx hippos species complex.
inflata from the Gray Site in Tennessee, but the gular scute areas of the bones are not as extruded.
The fossil xiphiplastron clearly resembles that in Kinosternon in being thin and flat with nearly equal anal-femoral scute areas and narrow marginal lips.
Males can be distinguished from all other known Tasmanian congeners by the 'marbled' abdominal coloration (in life), and the small, circular dorsal scute (Fig.
flavomarginatus, have gular scute sulci on the entoplastron (Crumly, 1984, 1994; Reynoso and Montellano-Ballesteros, 2004).
I determined age using annuli on scutes from the carapace and plastron (Bury and Germano, 1998; Germano and Bury, 1998).
Stage 0 melanism is represented by turtles showing characteristic coloration with well-developed bars on costal scutes, bright yellow stripes on head and legs, and a red postorbital bar.
Other features include plate-like skin structures called dermal scutes, a more advanced version of which can be seen today in armadillos.
I used the therapeutic laser for treatment of thermal burns on the ventral scutes of a ball python from lying on exposed heating element.