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Scutum brown, as long as wide, with 4 narrow black stripes and a small black macula on each postalar region.
Scutum, which started up in 2011 in Esplugues de Llobregat in Barcelona, has developed the first motorcycle model with its own patented technology and a removable battery system that is easy to transport.
The well-known object IC 4703 or Messier16, better known as the Eagle Nebula, in the constellation Serpens can be seen at a slight angle away at the south-western edge of Scutum.
No median, V-shaped projection near epigastric furrow; anterior genitalic process wide, translucent, occupying about half of epigastric scutum.
Retromarginal cheliceral rim with two teeth, abdomen without dorsal scutum, RTA more than 4 times as long as wide maculatus Retromarginal cheliceral rim with three teeth, abdomen with dorsal scutum (Fig.
If eyes are present, they are located dorsally on the sides of the scutum.
During 2014, planets may be seen at various times in the 12 traditional zodiac constellations, as well as in Ophiuchus (Venus and Mars), Cetus (Mercury and Venus), Orion (Mercury and Venus) and Scutum (Venus).
Thorax with orange to yellowish brown scutum, a darker scutellum and paler pleural regions apart from brown on pteropleura.
There was no bony erosion, the scutum was sharp and intact, and the antrum and mastoid air cells were well pneumatized.
Mesosoma: (1) anterior pronotal carina raised, acute; (2) humeri slightly projecting in front of tegula, rounded; (3) pretegular carina projecting on upper region, acute, curved, not interrupted; (4) scutum 1.
Pluto is at opposition on June 26, but faint around 14th magnitude, and in amongst the star clouds between Scorpio and Scutum, making visual observation very difficult, though with a CCD you should be able to detect its motion over a couple of evenings.
50; dorsal scutum (NB: dark area between rear of book-lung covers on NIGP148830a (ventral), which superficially resembles an epigynum, is most likely the anterior part of the dorsal scutum cuticle superimposed on the ventral counterpart, as are patches of cuticle posterior to it).