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We have purchased the rights for Shipyard and Sea Dog brands back from Brown Distributing in all territories except for the area they cover in Palm Beach County," said Fred Forsley, president of these two brewing companies.
Funniest Picture was of sea dog Sandy, dapper Gizmo was Best Lookalike as Bruce Forsyth, and the Best Video featured posh pup Becks in the pool.
to purchase Spirit Cruises, Odyssey Cruises, Mystic Blue, and Sea Dog in a deal valued at more than $100 million.
She's a bit of a salty sea dog and loves the beach - shame we live 100 miles away from the sea, but it's an excuse to get away.
With this old sea dog at the helm, the Internet Governance Forum is sure to navigate the UN into a position of ever-increasing cyberspace dominance.
Whether ye be a landlubbin' pencil-pusher or a true salty sea dog, Pirate Jesus, with his parrot, patch, and lopsided grin, is concerned for your salvation.
One of these all-but-unknowns was Captain John Ross, a complex and stubborn sea dog who sailed farther into the unknown than anyone else, discovered the north magnetic pole, and befriended the Inuit.
Lieutenant Commander Oistein Jensen, the captain of the Norwegian submarine Utvaer, and Vigdis Hafto, the youngest child of Bamse's owner, paid tribute to the Norwegian sea dog at his graveside.
99) have made her one of this year's favorite lesbian icons, but it's really Johnny Depp who waltzes away with the latter movie thanks to his openly fey performance as a heroically mincing sea dog.
But for all its obvious flaws, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl is buoyed by a sensational lead performance by Johnny Depp, whose salty sea dog is a deliciously camp, tongue-in-cheek amalgam of Steve Tyler from Aerosmith and Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones.
I felt precariously balanced between my old life in New Orleans and the first rung of another with Isadora, if she would still have an old, broken-down sea dog like me.
The Sea Dog Brewing Company is engaged in installing a 20-barrel brewhouse at the Sea Dog Brew Pub in Clearwater, Florida.