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Hidden inlets, including Thunder Rock Cove and Hidden Beach, are sheltered by the sea stacks and headlands, such as Deer Point.
Then hit the coast (a three-hour drive from Hurricane Ridge) and beach-comb among towering sea stacks at Second Beach.
for a weekend After a weekend of sea-based adventure activities, the perfect comedown might be a clifftop walk to see some of the spectacular sea stacks that have attracted tourists to Bundoran for nearly two centuries.
Wai'anapanapa State Park is well worth a stop to explore its volcanic coastline, featuring sea stacks, blowholes and a black sand beach.
Five miles behind us, the tall spire of Malborough shines across bright green rolling hills and in front of us the craggy cliffs and sea stacks of Hope Cove hamlet glow.
The spires are sea stacks - eroded chunks of a coastline that was rearranged during the Ice Age.
Every year, millions of people come from around the world to admire the scenic California coastline with its ever-changing sand dunes, sculptured sea stacks and abundant tide pools.
And it's not just the dramatic sea stacks like the Old Man of Hoy that inspired Spielberg but the sweeping white beaches and mysterious circles of standing stones older than Stonehenge.
We spent the day on the island, then the evening circling the famous sea stacks of Stac Lee and Stac An Armin.
After showing the data to my supervisors, we confirmed that they were indeed sea stacks.