search for information

See: inquiry
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His subsequent search for information on treatment options led him to write this book.
An A-Z format makes for a quick reference which simplifies the search for information, while sections on disease prevention and color illustrations throughout enhance the information provided.
Understand the variety of available databases (including content and options for searching) and identify the proper database to search for information
John Kerr, RIMS technology advisory committee chairman, said the portal allows risk managers to search for information without getting swamped by irrelevant hits on a general Web page.
A recent search for information regarding procurement of new buses at a metropolitan transportation authority provides a typical example of a virtual file.
That means you could search for information about your favorite movie and then find the e-mail addresses of the director and some of the stars.
The NootMobile[TM] community can also search for information within the instant messaging environment.
The MSDS page allows visitors to search for information on specific health effects.
On ChaCha, a search for information on "apple" would prompt the guide to clarify what type of apple information the user is seeking.
From the home page, visitors can search for information by label, product, or certifying organization.
com is a community-based search engine that helps people search for information other people have already found about their topic.

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