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She resented that searching question with a woman's keen sense of the insult that is implied in doubting her to her face.
When I had told Delcarte and Taylor that I intended searching for the girl, neither had demurred.
The users were able to retrieve information from the system and noticed a difference between traditional keyword searching and case-based reasoning searching, but did not understand what caused the difference.
3) The exceptions allow law enforcement officers to bypass the procedures of obtaining a warrant from a judicial officer when there is a determination that a significant government interest in searching without a warrant outweighs the interests of the individual.
Does the advantage of "ubiquitous computing"--tech-speak for being connected to a computer and network no matter where you go--give you a better shot at searching and finding the information you need?
THIS ARTICLE EXAMINES the public searching of the Web and provides an overview of recent research exploring what we know about how people search the Web.
The court noted that the searching officer did not have reasonable suspicion to conduct the search of the detainee, and that even if other officers had information that may have justified the search, the information was not relayed to the searching officer.
For example, searching on the injection molding of nitrile rubber using natural language, Boolean operators and classifications as follows gives a wide variation in the number of records retrieved:
Searching by default is a modified form of the Folio search syntax that RIA uses for its CD products.
Wildcards are also helpful if you're searching for words that may have different endings.
When we wanted to know about our favorite couples, we were still searching for Brad Pitt.
A lawful search under the motor vehicle exception requires the existence of probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence or contraband and that the searching officers have lawful access to the vehicle.