searching inquiry

References in classic literature ?
The result of a searching inquiry (in which they, who had known the poor fellow from his childhood, did other good service, besides bringing it about) was, that between eleven and twelve o'clock, a free pardon to Barnaby Rudge was made out and signed, and entrusted to a horse-soldier for instant conveyance to the place of execution.
He ordered a searching inquiry into allegations that the royal couple were guilty of cynical and calculated manipulation of the media over their marriage breakdown.
Instead, West Midlands Police should carry out a searching inquiry to find out why it is failing.
We shall be conducting a vigorous and searching inquiry through the evidence so that the true cause of death may, if possible, be determined once and for all," he said.
This, complaint, like all complaints made against the police, is the subject of a very searching inquiry, and in due course the result will be subject to the indeuendent scrutiny of the Police Complaints Board.
He believes a more searching inquiry is needed into the missing postal votes, spoiled ballots and malfunctioning machines which made the election a target of ridicule.
Today, when a board needs to satisfy independence requirements, it may be called on to conduct a searching inquiry into the loyalties, influences, and motives that underlie a director's thoughts and acts.
Even before the Cold War was over, strategic thinkers in America began a searching inquiry into the future of the United States in the era that would ensue.
Even without a searching inquiry into Shankle's income and overall financial situation, we conclude that [the provision in his contract] would deter a substantial number of similarly situated potential litigants from seeking to vindicate their statutory rights in an arbitral forum," the majority wrote.
Not only has BAGS been exonerated, but in my view it has emerged from a searching inquiry with its reputation enhanced.
An honest and searching inquiry into the moral implications of the social principles we live by, including economic growth, however, is essential.
In essence these are structural: there is much more about matematica than metrica here, and the imbalance is not redressed by any very searching inquiry into the relationship between the two concepts, either in theory (beyond the identification of the importance of certain numbers), or in practice (through, say, the analysis of particular texts in which numerically-based disposition of syllables has a verifiable influence on poetic meaning).