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Within a reasonable time; timely.

The term seasonable is usually used in connection with the performance of contractual obligations that must be completed "seasonably." The facts and circumstances of each case define a reasonable period of time.


adjective acceptable, apposite, auspicious, befitting, convenient, due, expedient, favorable, fit, opportune, opportunus, proper, properly timed, propitious, seemly, suitable, timeful, timely, towardly, well-timed
See also: apposite, favorable, fit, fitting, opportune, prompt, proper, propitious, punctual, relevant, suitable
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We are so pleased that the Seasonably Chic Showcase will benefit the Freestore Foodbank this year," said Freestore Foodbank president and CEO John Young.
10 times for the seasonably weaker second quarter and a robust 1.
But a large and seasonably mobile student population can bring about dramatic changes to the lives of more permanent residents - and the universities and city council need to monitor the situation very carefully.
7 percent on a seasonably adjusted basis after rising 0.
Eat Seasonably is a new campaign which encourages people to reconnect with the food they eat and the seasons in which it grows.
Clear sunny skies, steady breezes and seasonably mild temperatures encouraged average Cubans to grab friends, family and children and make the long trek through the tunnel under Havana harbor to enjoy a long day of browsing, buying, munching and mingling with family and children.
But whether you're celebrating or feel seasonably morbid, these are two of the funniest movies ever made and the perfect way to see in the New Year.
And in an unusual move for a fast-food outlet, it says it will change its menu seasonably.
This is likely a reflection of a design and construction market stabilizing due to a return to seasonably cold weather.
A narrow, seasonably impassable road threaded its way down from Carmel, hampering pursuit by normalcy.
The third quarter, traditionally a seasonably weaker quarter, provided the company with a moderate operating income of $102,000, compared to $20,000 in the comparable 2002 period and a bottom-line profit of $12,000 against a $98,000 loss, reflecting a positive swing of $110,000," Jerry A.
6% in May to a seasonably adjusted annual rate of 1.