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Seasonal variations affected rate of heart failure hospitalization and mortality in patients over the age of 30, and the effect was greater with advancing age.
Seasonal variation in serum testosterone concentration and LDH seminal fluid suggest that seasonality occurs in reproductive performance and seminal quality of Markhoz goats that are maintained at 35[degrees]N latitude in the Northern Hemisphere.
avium lymphadenopathy were included in the analysis of seasonal variation.
There was no significant difference in annual variation in mean litter weight over three years, but seasonal variation was highly significant with spring having the highest litter weight (Table 6).
Possible explanations for the observed seasonal variation in AF include the increased incidence of respiratory infections in the winter months, which can trigger attacks of the arrhythmia, as well as the cold winter air temperatures, and increased alcohol consumption during the holiday season, he said.
Seasonal variation was also investigated by fitting a sinusoidal curve with a period of 1 year to the CRP concentrations with the examination day as the time variable.
When examining the seasonal variation of forecast accuracy, it was found that overall the winter season forecasts issued by the NWS and model guidance were better than forecasts issued during the summer season.
Statistical analysis of gas chromatographic data using Microsoft Excel has been applied to the seasonal variation of leaf extracts of mistletoe (Phoradendron tomentosum) growing in Kerrville, Texas.
6 million in November, adjusted for seasonal variation.
Hypoendemic malaria in Rondonia (Brazil, western Amazon region): seasonal variation and risk groups in an urban locality.
A potential consequence of this seasonal variation is that it could also affect tHcy concentrations because, even at low doses, the B vitamins can significantly affect tHcy concentrations (14-17).

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