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States do not have a right to secede, an issue that was resolved at great cost by the Civil War of 1861-65.
The court said that under Canadian law, Quebec was obligated to negotiate with the federal government and the other provinces if it sought to secede.
West Virginia was able to secede from Virginia only because the Union Army occupied the region.
Yet the myth that Texas can easily secede persists, in part, because of the state's history of independence.
As of Monday, citizens from all 50 states had submitted petitions to the White House website requesting Washington's permission to secede from the United States.
During Carter's meeting with Bashir in Khartoum on Saturday, Carter proposed and claimed that Bashir accepted the offer that Sudan cover all of the south's debts if it is to secede, so that the government will have a "clean slate" and not be bogged down by debt.
Abyei was supposed to hold a simultaneous vote to decide whether it should remain in the north or join the south if it decided to secede as expected.
Even if the population of Earth interbred to create a homogenous culture, even if all nations adopted laissez-faire economic systems, promoted liberty, and were allowed to retain their right to secede, in such an idealistic utopia where mankind has mastered the art of self-government, one is left to question whether there would be any need for representative government at all.
RESIDENTS OF Killington, a ski town in Vermont, were so mad about their high state taxes that in March they approved a plan to secede from the state and join neighboring New Hampshire.
And not everyone who lived in a Southern state believed the South should secede (withdraw) from the Union.
As evidence of his claim, Christians in the southern part of Kaduna state, which proposed to adopt Sharia last February, have threatened to secede rather than accept it.