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People are always talking about Massachusetts seceding from the rest of the states because it is more liberal, or towns seceding from Massachusetts because they are more conservative, but it never gets beyond grumbling.
That gives us who live south of the Santa Monica Mountains the opportunity to vote on seceding from the Valley.
City representatives have argued that a new Valley city - if voters approve its formation - might have to pay Los Angeles for police and fire stations, libraries and other municipal buildings in the seceding area.
We're seceding because we're tired of all the mismanagement and fraud that emanates from downtown L.
With all of the discussion of San Fernando seceding, I am surprised no one has suggested the example set by President Abraham Lincoln 140 years ago.
In a city with so many neglected needs that half its residents are on the brink of seceding to form their own local governments, City Hall is the crowning symbol of the selndulgence and self-serving of America's highest-paid officialdom.
In crafting the terms of separation, City Hall officials will be tempted to make this potential divorce as bad a deal as possible for the Valley, both to prevent Vals from seceding and to punish them if they do.
Councilwoman Rita Walters questioned Fleming because of his support for Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment, which is exploring the possibility of San Fernando Valley seceding from the city of Los Angeles.
Funny that the woman chosen to make everyone forget about the Valley possibly seceding from L.
3 million residents of the San Fernando Valley seceding.