second time

See: de novo
References in classic literature ?
Thus to cause France to lose Milan the first time it was enough for the Duke Lodovico[*] to raise insurrections on the borders; but to cause him to lose it a second time it was necessary to bring the whole world against him, and that his armies should be defeated and driven out of Italy; which followed from the causes above mentioned.
The game continued a little longer, but Lop-Ear did not expose himself a second time.
He hopes that in other and slighter things he has bettered his own instruction, and that in form and in fact the book is altogether less crude and less rude than the papers from which it has here been a second time evolved.
My whole being still thrilled with the mingled awe and rapture of beholding the Vision of her that had come to me for the second time.
When he had copied the article a second time and rolled it up carefully, he read in a newspaper an item on hints to beginners, and discovered the iron law that manuscripts should never be rolled and that they should be written on one side of the paper.
The Count had deferred granting that private interview, when it was first asked for in the afternoon, and had again deferred granting it, when it was a second time asked for at the dinner-table.
I returned the wink and filled the glass a second time.
When I finished, he had me read it over a second time, and a third.
But they knew now that there was a means of escape and so waited patiently until the path appeared for the second time.
A second time he came to the door and again he ran back.
Two of the keys entered the lock, and one of them turned round once, but not the second time.
Lady Bellaston had been apprized of his lordship's visit at his first arrival; and the length of it very well satisfied her, that things went as she wished, and as indeed she had suspected the second time she saw this young couple together.