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I was only speaking in reference to the second-rate fortunes we were mentioning just now.
For that which thou hast heard me speak to-night--was declaimed with the painful precision of a schoolgirl who has been taught to recite by some second-rate professor of elocution.
Still, still, one goes on, the ticking seconds seemed to assure him, with dignity, with open eyes, with determination not to accept the second-rate, not to be tempted by the unworthy, not to yield, not to compromise.
Elisabeth Baudoyer, nee Saillard, is one of those persons who escape portraiture through their utter commonness; yet who ought to be sketched, because they are specimens of that second-rate Parisian bourgeoisie which occupies a place above the well-to-do artisan and below the upper middle classes,--a tribe whose virtues are well-nigh vices, whose defects are never kindly, but whose habits and manners, dull and insipid though they be, are not without a certain originality.
Suppose A and B are reading the same second-rate circulating-library novel.
The tavern was dirty and wretched, not even second-rate.
Library makeover looks second-rate I VISITED the Solihull Central Library recently and saw the 'makeover' of the front areas.
That she has never been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a total disgrace, especially when I see the second-rate talent that has been inducted.
But I thought some of our stuff was second-rate and not of a standard I expect.
Trudging off to the northern plains to fight these second-rate cart-horses every year isn't floating the boat anymore.
And so we end up with second-rate service, second-rate treatment at work and second-rate sex.
If you seriously believe that people all over the world are interested in a second-rate game in a second rate league then you are delusional.