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adjective accessory, alternative, ancillary, auxiliary, collateral, contingency, derived, following, indirect, inferior, junior, less important, lesser, minor, subaltern, subordinate, subsequent, subsidiary, substitute, unessential, unimportant, vicarious
Associated concepts: secondary boycott, secondary evidence, secondary liability
See also: ancillary, circumstantial, collateral, contributory, deputy, derivative, extrinsic, immaterial, incidental, inferior, insignificant, minor, null, pendent, peripheral, plenipotentiary, replacement, slight, subaltern, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary, succedaneum, supplementary, unessential

SECONDARY, construction. That which comes after the first, which is primary: as, the primary law of, nations the secondary law of nations.

SECONDARY, English law. An officer who is second or next to the chief officer; as secondaries to the prothonotaries of the courts of king's bench, or common pleas; secondary of the remembrancer in the exchequer, &c. Jacob, L. D. h.t.

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