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Variables that should be indicated are age, sex, race, geographic region, weight, height, previous fracture, parental fractured hip, current smoking, glucocorticoid use, rheumatoid arthritis, secondary cause of osteoporosis, and alcohol use.
Idiopathic or primary moyamoya is rare; diagnosis is usually made with MRI and after exclusion of all possible secondary causes.
The coroner said a letter from Mr Cadman's GP noted that a secondary cause of death was due to contact with asbestos, while a CT scan taken at George Eliot Hospital had found "an advanced malignancy, probably mesothelioma.
Although primary headaches are far more common than those with a secondary cause, it is the latter that result in the most anxiety for families.
THEATRE/SHOWS BLACKWOOD: Blackwood Little Theatre (01495 223485), Secondary Cause of Death.
The autopsy report for surfing superstar Andy Irons says the 32-year-old died from a heart attack caused by hardening of the arteries, with a secondary cause being "acute mixed drug ingestion"--in Irons' case, methamphetamine and cocaine.
The EULAR report identified three risk factors consistently associated with roughly a fivefold increased likelihood that a neuropsychiatric symptom is actually attributable to the patient's lupus rather than to a secondary cause such as comorbid hypertension, infection, or cardiac vegetations.
It was applied to samples from healthy individuals, patients with a Golgi-related CDG, and patients with a secondary cause of N-glycan hypoglycosylation.
The secondary cause is sexual transmission, accounting for 22% of HIV cases.
The certificate says the primary cause of death was congestive cardiac failure, with the secondary cause being type 2 diabetes.
The death certificate confirms Mr Bennett died of myocardial infarction, with a secondary cause of a fractured femur.
The Players launched Secondary Cause of Death in All Saints' Church last night - having, as usual, first put their venue in place.