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adjective accessory, alternative, ancillary, auxiliary, collateral, contingency, derived, following, indirect, inferior, junior, less important, lesser, minor, subaltern, subordinate, subsequent, subsidiary, substitute, unessential, unimportant, vicarious
Associated concepts: secondary boycott, secondary evidence, secondary liability
See also: ancillary, circumstantial, collateral, contributory, deputy, derivative, extrinsic, immaterial, incidental, inferior, insignificant, minor, null, pendent, peripheral, plenipotentiary, replacement, slight, subaltern, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary, succedaneum, supplementary, unessential

SECONDARY, construction. That which comes after the first, which is primary: as, the primary law of, nations the secondary law of nations.

SECONDARY, English law. An officer who is second or next to the chief officer; as secondaries to the prothonotaries of the courts of king's bench, or common pleas; secondary of the remembrancer in the exchequer, &c. Jacob, L. D. h.t.

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In Agok, she visited a primary and secondary health care center run by Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), where more than 2,000 children under five have been treated for severe malnutrition since the beginning of the year.
It supports government measures to enhance equipment and staffing levels at primary and secondary health care facilities, and to strengthen the quality of health workers, such as paramedics, nurses and midwives, through expanded training, improved facilities, and development of a comprehensive human resources plan.
They add, however, that over the long term, with increased access to secondary health care, "Birth asphyxia will then decrease in importance as a cause of death and will be replaced with congenital abnormalities.
Access to appropriate primary and secondary health care is inadequate or non-existent, leaving health outcomes below the standard expected in the NHS (RCPCH, 2009, p 2).
The forced separation of primary, tertiary and secondary health care services resulted in the downgrading and downsizing of Pelonomi Hospital to a 'level 2 plus' hospital.
There are multiple and ongoing failures in both primary and secondary health care to support these individuals.
According to a 2004 report by the US-based International Intellectual Property Institute, medical tourism composes an estimated two-thirds of tourism revenues in the Kingdom, with patients drawn to the high quality and relatively low cost of the primary and secondary health care systems.
The Secondary Health Care Review represents the biggest overhaul of health services in the region for 30 years.
Da Silva says that Siemens Southern Africa will continue to support of the Profile Awards, as he believes there is still much work to be done in reporting other technological environments in the media beyond Internet and telecommunications, including power generation, transmission and distribution, automation and control, industrial projects and medical technology, secondary health care and public private partnerships.
All of this might be less objectionable if naturopaths were simply secondary health care providers whom patients might occasionally visit.
She is responsible for personnel, health and safety, information management, estates management and liaison functions between primary and secondary health care organisations.
Private healthcare in Greece consists of medical laboratories and hospital establishments (general, specialized and combined clinics) which are grouped under primary and secondary health care respectively.