secret group

See: cabal
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As we reported in The New American back in 2009 (and several times since), Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, are members of the secret group known as "The Good Club," a cabal of top billionaires obsessed with population control.
Remarkably, though, US airstrikes seem to be incredibly effective on this elite, secret group.
Some believe there are hidden symbols on the bill proving that a secret group, perhaps the Illuminati, run the world.
People in the village have taken to Facebook to try find out the reasoning behind the strange artefacts, with some jokingly suggesting it is a sign of Armageddon or the Illuminati - reputedly a secret group that some people believe control world events.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new secret group has been set up in Syria to save the children and women captive in hands of the ISIL terrorist group.
When a defecting KGB officer reveals a devastating Soviet plot, the head of MI5 assembles a secret group to protect Britain.
Recruited into this secret group is Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a young and well-respected war hero who has grown disillusioned with Hitler and the insidious reach of the SS.
a secret group with members in Tripoli, Beirut, Damour and Sidon, has been assigned to survey a number of potential locations to launch attacks.
Meanwhile, in an attempt to fight ISIS' ideology, the Pentagon has convened a secret group to analyse what makes ISIS so attractive to supporters.
NEW The Intruders BBC2, 9pm US drama about a secret group who hide in the bodies of others so they can live forever.
To my surprise, I found out we were all charged with being in a secret group and part of the same case," he said.
He's recruited by a secret group dedicated to investigating the paranormal and agrees to help provided they help him find a father who vanished years ago.