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But studies have established that fat cells can secrete certain hormones and other substances much like other organs in the body.
Pituitary adenomas are classified as either secreting (secrete hormones) or nonsecreting (do not secrete hormones).
Fat secretes a lot of different substances--it's not an inert tissue," says Conney.
It secretes a hard skeleton made of limestone to form a tiny cup-shaped house.
When the mycelium, the body of a fungus, secretes hydrolytic enzymes, its electrical conductivity should increase.
The pancreas secretes sufficient insulin, but the insulin doesn't do its job very well.
It secretes its own receptor, Tir, into the host and then binds intimately to it by its outer membrane protein, intimin.
The pancreas gland, located behind the stomach, releases digestive juices into the intestines and secretes key hormones into the bloodstream.
The trophic effects were partially inhibited by a neutralizing TGF-Beta2 antibody, suggesting that GRNOPC1 secretes other additional neurotrophic factors as well.
John Smit, the researchers adapted the system that secretes this protein, which self-assembles into a structure called the "S-layer", to secrete instead many proteins that are useful for vaccines and other therapeutic purposes.
A person's gut normally secretes the hormone during and after a meal.
The female Orb Weaver produces the silk in her Pyriformes gland, a cluster of cells that secretes silk-building proteins.