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In accordance with secretiveness, all the traces of what went on there were demolished by the Nazis.
Tanner's subtle use of colour and perspective support the gentleness of the narrative, while also capturing the secretiveness of the garden and the personality of the fairy wrens in great detail.
Although her backstory has been hinted at on various occasions, like the way she shied away from lottery win publicity, the truth about her secretiveness has yet to be revealed.
In Fragment 8, graduated loops of brushwork in shades of white give a profound sense of depth and secretiveness to the surface, as if inviting the viewer to enter the face of the form.
As it can be seen, content themes were divided into ten categories, namely: appropriate care with high quality, the right to have information, the right to confidentiality of information and secretiveness, the right to sign an informed consent, and observe patient's privacy, the right to rote independence, the right to be at peace, the right to express objections and complaints, the right to get compensation, as well as the right to enjoy the adequate resources and individual behavior.
The Soviets denied this request based on their lack of trust of the North Vietnamese and Moscow's frustration at North Vietnamese secretiveness about their military operations.
For some supervisors, trusting employees may involve an uncomfortable leap of faith, especially in organizations that have developed a culture of control and secretiveness.
Mrs Stoddart said: "Once again, Pembrokeshire County Council's (PCC) much-criticised cosy culture of secretiveness has laid it open to the charge of questionable spending at the taxpayers' expense.
The poem ends with the grandfather's words about the secretiveness of such initiations: "'You've drunk all that cat / you're likely to drink.
In Native American folklore, it was "ghost walker" and "ghost of the wilderness," for the cat was nomadic, a loner, and almost mythical in its secretiveness.
Samira, who fondly describes her son as "full of life and a moralist through and through," concedes that his one flaw was his secretiveness.
Still, despite some of the recent progress in transparency, "the secretiveness element" in new development is still a problem, said Kevin Brown, a senior vice president at Sotheby's International Realty.