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The sectionalist argument not only reflected the obvious (whether or not relevant) differences between the coastal region and backcountry in mid-eighteenth-century North Carolina but also placed the Regulation in a continuum of apparent regional clashes in early American history.
This paper supports their conclusions by recognizing the major weakness in the British Columbia business community to be its sectionalist nature.
Although Van Buren now claimed he was "sincerely and heartily desirous to wear the honors and enjoyments of private life uninterruptedly to the end,"(2) his ambition resurfaced in 1848, just as the slavery issue was intensifying sectionalist tensions.
Whatever else they were - backward-looking, sexist, racist, sectionalist, flagrantly dismissive of the needs of the huge mass of unorganized workers -- leading labourists were not stupid.
I have considerable sympathy for the intentions of both the pluralist commitments of the cosmopolitanists and the "emancipatory" interests of the sectionalists.