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close all of the sectionalizing switches, open all of the tie switches, and form an initial radial network;
If sectionalizing valves are provided between each CRAC unit, the installation of the new piping can be affected with no more than one CRAC unit taken out of service.
Tenders are invited for Providing foundation of structure plinth , cable duct & Kerb Slab for provision of 110 kv Bus coupler for sectionalizing the 110kv SS Bus in THIRUVARUR 230 kv Sub station.
The project also required construction of two Intermediate Pigging (IP) stations and seven Sectionalizing Valve (SV) stations.
Installing new sectionalizing devices, such as fuses and other automatic devices, at a cost of about $5 million, to help limit the number and duration of outages across the entire Penelec service territory.
On the other hand, the type of valve used for sectionalizing may have very little or no impact on the significance of any threat on a particular pipe segment.
Spending approximately $350,000 to install new sectionalizing devices, such as fuses and devices that automatically re-set electrical circuits, to help limit service interruptions to customers across the entire Met-Ed service territory.
This capability is especially important lot applications such as sectionalizing valves, where there are common inputs and outputs used at each station.
Our field supervisors use a GTViewer trace application to find the next upstream sectionalizing device as a part of normal operations as well as during outage restoration," said Greg Broussard, Director of Engineering Services at Jackson Electric Membership Corporation.
In addition, distribution feeder loads have grown to the point that sectionalizing breakers are required to split load and restoration and hence drive the need for a new coordination study.
Upgrading distribution circuit equipment by installing new sectionalizing devices, such as fuses and reclosers, to help limit the scope of outages across the entire Penelec service territory.
Mainline isolation valves fulfill three basic functions: (1) sectionalizing, (2) diverting, and (3) segregating.