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The CDA Board has approved the three new sectors C-14, C-15 and C-16 and work on these sectors will be completed in 21 years.
Given the employment and growth benefits of a dynamic service sector, why have so few economies adopted service sector reforms?
Spending so much time in the private sector exposed me to global markets and global business leaders.
The critical question for the nonprofit sector is what great opportunities exist for leadership and influence as we shape the sector for the future.
Does anyone really think that the private sector can build the mining-engineering and forestry programs that the North needs?
The new organization will focus on building capacity across the voluntary sector and within voluntary sector organizations.
The councils would advise the sector general managers, conduct public hearings, establish standards for service.
Finally, the private sector is relatively eager to enter the tourism sector, and "there is unanimity that the potential is enormous-especially in tourism .
While the special interest groups were being formed, NRA contacted CRA to determine if a private sector unit could be developed at the national level.
The Provider Survey: a national mail survey of private rehabilitation firms, under the cooperative sponsorship of the National Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector (NARPPS).
The large investments in information technologies during 1975-1990 have failed to make those working in the service sector proportionately more productive.
Both surveys indicate that the aerospace sector will remain strong because of committed engine orders, options on additional engines, the growing air transportation business and pressure to replace aging equipment.