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The CDA Board has approved the three new sectors C-14, C-15 and C-16 and work on these sectors will be completed in 21 years.
After years of neglect and undue regulatory constraints, local service productivity in most emerging economies lags far behind productivity in sectors developed for export.
A: We have identified and are focusing on nine new sectors that we hope will be the driving forces that help make Korea a global IT powerhouse.
The growth of the nonprofit and healthcare sectors is bringing about a continually increasing challenge to develop diverse revenue streams to meet financial needs.
Average hourly wages for managers, professionals and technical and trade workers in the non-profit sector lag behind their counterparts in the other sectors.
If one takes at face value the many statements made by the zone zealots in the five years that they have been seeking control, the sectors would appear to answer their concerns.
It is politically safe because there are few members of the regime with vested interests in or against tourism, unlike sectors such as agriculture or industry.
A review of literature pertaining to vocational rehabilitation in the public and private sectors.
Again, adverse developments in this sector predate the recession.
This potential growth was realized in both the industrial and institutional sectors of the Sudbury construction community last year.
The extraordinary shift in corporate behavior in Japan is shown in the chart, put together from the flow of funds data indicating which sectors of the economy have been saving money (financial surplus), and which sectors have been borrowing and investing money (financial deficit).