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Secular and religious education had effaced the throat-grap- pling instinct, or else firm finance held in check the passions.
Many different forms, both religious and secular, including the religious drama.
The long reaches that were like one and the same reach, monotonous bends that were exactly alike, slipped past the steamer with their multitude of secular trees looking patiently after this grimy fragment of another world, the forerunner of change, of conquest, of trade, of massacres, of blessings.
Nature looks provokingly stable and secular, but it has a cause like all the rest; and when once I comprehend that, will these fields stretch so immovably wide, these leaves hang so individually considerable?
Sitnikov was the tutor to whom Seryozha's secular education had been intrusted.
It fitted neither with the season of the year nor with the secular experience of seamen as recorded in books, nor with the aspect of the sky.
Their Utopias inspire in the mass of mediocre minds a disgust of reality and a contempt for the secular logic of human development.
What secular want could the million or so of human beings whose daily labour, six days in the week, lay among these Arcadian objects, from the sweet sameness of which they had no escape between the cradle and the grave--what secular want could they possibly have upon their seventh day?
Glegg had doubtless the glossiest and crispest brown curls in her drawers, as well as curls in various degrees of fuzzy laxness; but to look out on the week-day world from under a crisp and glossy front would be to introduce a most dreamlike and unpleasant confusion between the sacred and the secular.
Recently, Bahrain's government approved a secular political party to enter politics in the country, (GDN, February 12).
3483 would add secular organizations to the list of entities authorized to certify wedding celebrants.
Mavelli is concerned, here, that secular or religious techniques of rescuing life reliant on this model "may not be building a community, but a co-immunity" (92).