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Bruce Lincoln tells us, (75) the analogue to this collaboration among Russia's Muslims would have been a cooperation between secularly educated progressive Muslims and Islamic scholars.
Lyndon Johnson deserves to be secularly canonized for his work on civil rights, but he never will be because of the war in Vietnam.
Secularly powerless, they turned to their religion and their religious leaders for succor and self-identity, and although a minority of them Westernized themselves by preference or by interest, the great majority of these Muslims not only remained faithful to their culture and the tenets of their religion, but made their religion the essential spiritual and motivating force in their lives.
Where one school of thought asserts that he wanted it to be a theocratic state of sorts, the other avers that he had a vision for a secularly democratic one.
But 1 want to argue that Said's value-laden binary between religion and secularly is inadequate to capture what a poem like Four Quartets actually accomplishes, insofar as forcing a choice between a religious or secular view of the poem fails to perceive the dialectical form by which the poem is self-consciously constructed.
Secularly, Friedman and Schwartz came to understand that economic growth is subject to its own internal dynamics, and monetary policy is powerless to increase potential growth.
This decisional operation constitutes the structural syntax of buddhistic discourse, and, in so doing, governs all such discourse--the most scientistically covert and the most secularly liberal no less than the most religiously overt and most conservatively orthodox.
They are significantly more religious than the secularly unaffiliated on all religious measures, such as church attendance and belief, but also significantly less religious than those who claim a religion.
Groups that would typically be expected to oppose Article 3, such as the Tunisian League of Human Rights, journalists' associations, and secularly oriented political parties, have kept silent -- likely for fear of losing legitimacy with Tunisian society, which tends to view offenses against Abrahamic faiths in general, and Islam in particular, as unacceptable.
108) Malcolm Evans also viewed the original Lautsi decision as a shift with respect to application of neutrality--ultimately, he forecasted, the Grand Chamber's decision would be shaped by the decision of whether to follow a secularly inclined neutrality that "speaks of a paranoia about religion and its influence.
His purpose has become more associated with the impulses of a secularly acquisitive culture.
Evidently, the IIT share in the total trade among developed countries is quite significant (1) and has been secularly rising by about 5 percent annually.