secured by law

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On the basis of this request, A copy of the contract, Hidden from the entries covered by a secured by law, Will be sent to the address specified by the applicant.
A local CBS affiliate reported that a gunman had been shot and secured by law enforcement, and that some passengers were being evacuated from a terminal.
Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion must be universally guaranteed and secured by law.
Perry, speaking before he took a helicopter tour of the Beaumont area, said the region hit by the hurricane has been secured by law enforcement, but does not have water and sewer services available.
The blessings of liberty may be secured by laws and custom, but the blessings of modern civilization are unthinkable without electricity, a truly indispensable commodity in the 21st century.
The Swiss banking industry has been seen as home to a tradition of bank confidentiality, secured by laws that do not consider tax evasion a crime.