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Sutureless securement device reduces complications of peripherally inserted central venous catheters.
The wheelchair securement positions must be forward-facing.
On July 27, 1993, the House of Representatives Committee on Public Works and Transportation, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight met to receive testimony on the adequacy of federal regulations that relate to cargo securement.
A variety of other wheelchair lift and securement options are also available to meet all physically challenged patient requirements.
The SecurAcath is the only catheter securement device that does not require sutures or adhesives, enabling fast, safe, and continuous securement.
A major barrier to the development of independent-use wheelchair securement systems that are compatible with the operational needs of LATVs is that voluntary standards developed for wheelchair securement systems focus on design and testing for use in private vehicles [6].
The drafting group reported to a Standards Harmonization Committee comprised of any government and industry stakeholders interested in load securement issues.
The adhesive layer extends continuously along the facestock member adjacent to the mounting, connecting and securement portions of the tab member.
Docking systems also require the addition of components to the wheelchair frame to provide for engagement with the vehicle securement system.
The Anulex Technologies fiXate[TM] Tissue Band provides more consistent SCS lead and intrathecal catheter anchor securement by offering a novel delivery system that facilitates efficient fixation to surrounding tissue in less than 30 seconds.
For more information on cargo and securement protection solutions, go to www.
So far, most research has focused on developing wheelchairs and securement systems that increase safety in case of a frontal crash.