securities rules

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Said the suspension was "pursuant to rule 39 of Appendix 6 of the Offered Securities Rules.
Miller asked a client to sign and date blank new account forms, delayed execution of the agreed-to investment program, altered the date on the forms to mask the delay in program execution and failed to promptly notify her broker/dealer compliance department of the issues, all in violation of DCE and NASD Securities rules.
As a result of these developments, it is unlikely that the Company will file its audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2004 and related disclosures within the timeframe prescribed by Canadian securities rules.
Description of sukuk including AAOIFI's 14 sukuk structures embodied in their Investment Sukuk Standards and explains how these structures developed to meet Islamic transactional rules relating to asset possession, measurement and transfer and explains how they are consistent with Western securities rules.
15) per share for a period of five years as stipulated by the Company's stock option plan and applicable securities rules and regulations.
Unfortunately, due to current securities rules and regulations, we are generally prohibited from demonstrating our confidence in the Company because of the fact that we are constantly in possession of material nonpublic information about the Company.
IPS intends to immediately appoint a committee of independent directors to assess any offer from SCF and to supervise the preparation of an independent valuation of IPS as required by applicable securities rules.
We believe we have been diligent in complying thoroughly with all applicable securities rules and regulations, and should this inquiry discover any inadvertent error or omission, it is our intention to correct any such error or omission forthwith.
The shares will be restricted securities under federal securities rules and the investors will be required to hold the shares for at least one year before they can sell the securities pursuant to an exemption from registration unless Calypte chooses to register the shares for resale.
Under applicable securities rules, the amalgamation is a going private transaction and Carma is required to obtain a formal valuation of its common shares.
This transaction may or may not require approval of Armac's shareholders and will be governed by securities rules and regulations as applicable in the province of Ontario, Canada.
It has always been the company's policy to conduct itself in full compliance with all applicable securities rules and regulations, and it is confident that it has done so in this instance.
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