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All of the works reviewed here are published by Merion Music, a subsidiary of the Theodore Presser Company, and many are commercially available on compact discs--the Scherzo Sonata on Ivory (Jonathan Shames, piano, the Bridge Ensemble, Koch International Classics 3-7313-2 H1 [1995]; reissued on Summit Records DCD 286 [2001]); the Piano Concerto on Gateways: Symphonic Works of Daniel Asia (Andre-Michel Schub, piano, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra/James Sedares, Koch International 3-7372-2 H1 [1997]; reissued on Summit Records DCD 285 [2000]); Symphony no.
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Sedares.
Sedares and her husband, John of Paxton and a son, Father Mark J.