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The seducer is someone who for his own purposes undermines the integrity of another by encouraging the betrayal of a basic commitment.
To identify reader as seducer and writer as seducee inverts conventional constructions of agency and passivity, production and consumption, femininity and masculinity, and of the sexual experience that is the ubiquitous analogy for all of these and more.
The defense attorneys' real purpose, the authors state, was to permit the jury to hear about the cult and to render a verdict on the basis of community attitudes about gender relationships, and their belief in the right of a male to kill the seducer of his female family members.
Finally, despite his sensitivity to Machiavelli's language, Viroli is sometimes remarkably tone-deaf, as when he presents Machiavelli's letters about his trip to Carpi, a politically unimportant, and hence degrading, mission to find a preacher for the Medici, simply as evidence of his patriotism, ignoring the anger, frustration, and malice in his saying he will find them a preacher, but one to suit h is own tastes, one like Frate Alberto, the rascally trickster and seducer in Boccaccio's Decameron.
5 Piet Vroon, with Anton von Amerongen, and Hans de Vries, Smell: The Secret Seducer, trans.
In Dreams of the Abandoned Seducer, Borinsky clips quickly through a barrage of characters who are trying to find love by either reentering society or fleeing from it.
Ever the seducer and manipulator, Singer was willing to cultivate his image as a grandfatherly sage (wretched father as he was to his son Israel Zamir), if that was what the public wanted.
One of his most famous roles, of course, has been that of the great tempter or seducer -- a part he first played to perfection in The Fall of Man, Genesis 3 (if that was Satanin a serpent"s guise) and later reprised with much less success in the early chapters of Matthew, Mark, and Luke -- where Jesus turned the old boy down flat.
Detectives suspected the serial seducer, who had six lovers on the go at any one time, may have conned pounds 500,000 out of 40 women across Scotland.
The Canadian actor divulged that while preparing for his role as a serial seducer Jacob Palmer in the comedy, he did a lot of research on what women desire in men, by reading books and men's magazines.
They make for a moody setting for the story of Giovanni the debauched villain; a murderous, cold-hearted seducer who arouses hot-headed passions in his conquests.