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And despite the sedulous wishing now underway, all reality-based evidence suggests that alternative energy sources will not come close to mitigating our problems with fossil fuels.
34) It seems plausible to suppose that a sedulous effort (which I do not claim to have undertaken) to confirm or falsify this assumption might have some effect on how the debate over originalism will continue to unfold.
look at conduct than "a more sedulous one" or full rule of
To make sure no untoward violence takes place I intend arming them with an umbrella and a week's supply of stomach tablets; being dry and alert is a sure defence against sedulous Saxons attempting ingress.
Well, it probably sounded like that, but the sedulous editor would have dug till the truth was uncovered: boatswain .
The object is to see whether the experience of the market has been so clear, or necessarily will be, that a confident conclusion about the principal tendency of a restriction will follow from a quick (or at least quicker) look, in place of a more sedulous one.
There are also a few mistakes: a discussion of the phrase 'the sedulous ape' as Darwinian seemingly unaware of its source; Yeats's Steinach operation linked to the possibility of procreation when it was a double vasectomy.
Still, for all its minutiae, its sedulous (and perhaps overzealous) attention to marginal or background phenomena, detailed accounts of the careers of George disciples and apostates, and even occasional repetitions and longueurs, the book all but justifies its length.
Gillespie's sedulous self-distancing from Auguste recalls Homi Bhabha's remark that 'the Black presence ruins the representative narrative presence of Western personhood: its past tethered to treacherous stereotypes of primitivism and degeneracy'.
There's sunburnt Fred Reimer, his characteristic straight-faced, sedulous self, lugging his cans on a beat-up tractor.
Emerson's sedulous recording of passages from his Indian sources during this period and his careful attention to their implications suggest that he could be quite a close student of Hindu writings and an astute observer.
These causes of action are, however, considered a little suspect, and thus we find courts straining sometimes to read the pleadings as sounding only in tort for negligence, and not in contract for breach of promise, despite sedulous efforts by the pleaders to pursue the latter theory.