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The origin has to be sedulously sought out, which largely is the diffuse gastric carcinoma.
Both initiatives (diplomatic and commercial) were frequently affected adversely by regime changes within the courts to which the English sedulously made overtures, inevitably centring on conflicts between Sunni and Shi'a factions within realms.
Sedulously linking their varied works to an outsider ethos that resisted prevailing American consumer culture, Aukeman's book is a fascinating history of that far-out and foundational era.
32) Terrence Kilbum and Anthony Milton have described a "public trial" that ran parallel to Strafford's formal hearing within parliament, "sometimes appropriating materials for its own judgement, sometimes being sedulously courted by those inside Westminster Hall.
However sedulously, marked by care and persistent effort, they may endeavor to hide their dark souls behind the mark of hypocrisy, however they may attempt to soften their lips into a smile, still their physiognomy infallibly belies them.
Although the Navy may have been sedulously patrolling the waters surrounding these operations, their numbers were few on land.
I do a lot of work in the vast, nebulous field of branding, where we spend a lot of time helping clients either say exactly what they mean or sedulously avoid it.
The appropriate frame of reference for the resulting debates is a minimum-claim pragmatism, which sedulously refrains from asserting that practice-transcending claims of truth are impossible, while abstaining from such claims as well.
In recent times few have pursued this line of enquiry more sedulously that James Elkins, whose Stories of Art in particular investigates how histories of art are weighted and presented pedagogically within different cultures.
The Netanyahu government is paying the price for having sedulously avoided real negotiations with the Palestinians through a long series of subterfuges and distractions culminating in the recent barren passage that, over many months, wore down even the ever- patient and optimistic John Kerry.
By so doing, they have proven what we had all along thought of them in the first place: agents of evil, whose goal from the very beginning has been sedulously dividing our people by using tribalism to foment hatred among them.
It is hard to believe that in a justice system that so sedulously protects property rights, there would be no common-law protection from expropriation, especially considering the constitutional protections present elsewhere.