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Located along the strategic road connecting eastern, western and northern Jeddah, with its high day and night traffic, especially during peak hours and high seasons, Al-Khaleejiah superstructure is easily seeable to travelers and visitors coming to Jeddah, as well as to those heading to King Abdul Aziz International Airport.
The Wales and Swansea forward was dropped "for the for seeable future" by BBC Wales when he said he hoped the Bluebirds lost the FA Cup semi-final against Barnsley.
JUSTICE secretary Kenny MacAskill yesterday insisted alcohol will not be allowed back into football grounds for the for seeable future.
However Gibson is certain to stick with Southgate, certainly in the for seeable future, and give him every opportunity to see out the job.
By 1921, the idea of a large statue of Christ seeable throughout Brazil's capital, Rio de Janeiro, had begun to take flight through a proposal by the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro.
Atheists' reality tends to focus largely on the natural world rather than on the supernatural world; things that are not physical, seeable, and touchable do not exist for them.
Oil prices had hit around $70, and it appeared likely that long-term, worldwide economic growth, especially from countries in Asia, would foster competition among nations for oil into the fore seeable future.
The very fact of general visibility--being seeable more than being
Nevertheless, Freud's very conception of the psychical reality inaccessible to the senses supposes a certain sphere of intelligibility--one crystallized in a reconfiguration between the seeable and the sayable--that is established by the moving image which generates potentialities for the formation of novel ideas.
22) As such, although Abu Dhabi was only intended to be a temporary capital in 1971, (23) and although the presidency of the UAE was originally planned to be an elective position with the president chosen every five years by a secret ballot from at least five of the seven hereditary rulers (in much the same way as the pre-1971 British-administered Trucial States Council), (24) in practice, Abu Dhabi is now the permanent federal capital, and its ruler will be the UAE's president for the fore seeable future.
the beautiful is seeable, will [a human being] get to engender not