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A postcard series was created highlighting the traits of Dairyland Seed grain, along with important on-farm trial data from each customer area.
Part of the Veriaevo crowd chased after the fleeing collectivizers, while the remaining villagers destroyed the barn in which the confiscated seed grain had been stored.
Permitted periodically to return to the sunlit Earth, Persephone symbolizes the seed grain that brings fertility back to the soil.
falls like light across her outstretched hand, along the shell he raises to his lips, rustles among the brittle edges of leaves its own busy agitations; sand castings, the intricate weights and measures, domestic gods and goddesses, balanced against seed grain and sea salt, briefly certain in their sight
Anius' three daughters, Oeno, Spermo, and Elais--that is, wine, seed grain, and oil--were granted by Dionysus the gift of bringing these three crops to fruition.