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At this illegal meeting, villagers called for the destruction of the sel'sovet, the redistribution of the seed grain, and the reinstatement of voting rights for all peasants.
Under Philippine conditions it was found that the combined benefits of fumigation and drying, afforded by smoking, extended the viability and storability of seed grains by six months [15].
In the first of these two chapters, he traces the emergence of religious confraternities and the development of local bureaus of charity, as well as the spread of institutions of Italian origin - the mont de piete where the poor could pawn their possessions and the grenier d'abondance which assured a supply of seed grain to the poorest farmers.
It might be impossible to drain off the water from the land, the horses might be too weak to plough enough, and the seed grain stored from the previous year might have been eaten up.
Furthermore, the statement said the firms agribusiness operation which makes animal feed and seed grains, will be weaker in 2009 than in 2008 reflecting difficulties in farming.