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It's hard to believe, but the law didn't distinguish child pornography from other sorts of porn until the 1970s, when greater tolerance for sexually explicit material made the seediest stuff more visible, prompting a backlash.
What used to be seen as the seediest of hard-core porn is now routine out there in cyberspace.
Even the seediest bars have old broken table football games.
When father Luis fails in a plot with other rebels to remove tyrannical leader Rafael Trujillio from power, Luis takes his family to America, losing his successful job as a lawyer to work in one of the seediest neighborhoods in America.
A source close to Kalyanjee said: "He was a regular at the seediest saunas in Glasgow, paying girls for sex and sometimes when he was so drunk that he couldn't perform, he'd pay them just to talk to him.
Out of respect for the residents, I made up the name of this city, because to think that taxpayers paid one cent for the seediest, tackiest parade I've ever seen should cause all of us to demand a refund.
Critics delighted in attributing the sins of some of the seediest practitioners with the method of instruction.
Most will be lowly street dealers operating in some of the seediest areas of our cities.
Even its seediest corners have a magical gleam thanks to 60-odd years of movie making.
WHAT on earth is happening at Broad Street's seediest venue, the Rocket Club?
A large number of the missing women were drug addicts or prostitutes living out a desperate existence in some of the seediest districts of Canada.
Xybernaut's rise, indeed, was driven by some of the financial industry's seediest bottom-feeders-questionable stock touters, offshore front groups involved in money laundering, and foreign financiers linked to short-selling, securities fraud, and, in 2005, the collapse of a major Wall Street brokerage firm.