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The inner-city neighborhood was for many years the city's seediest district, home to prostitutes, drug dealers, and drug addicts.
Two--Sharon Stone as a hustler and addict, and Elisabeth Shue as a streetwalker--are set in the seediest of American landscapes: Las Vegas.
21) So far as I know, however, no lawyer or litigant has ever watched the wheel being spun, or even observed it - a breach of gambling etiquette that would not be tolerated in even the seediest casino.
That included bickering spouses and some of the seediest figures of the southern underworld - not the most conventional brood for an aspiring corporate firm.
Fellow party-goer Francesca Preston said: "It was the seediest party on the Strip.
While many of the tracks could be played in the seediest and most surreal places - freight-cars, cabins and bars that exist in "Twin Peaks" - none of the tracks quite reach the absolute cool splendor of Angelo Badalamenti's sexy jazz opus "Audrey's Dance" or the haunting presence of Julee Cruise on "Falling.
Having protected myself from these sort of publications for years I was amazed to see how stories are slanted to get across the seediest aspects possible.
However I DO think it's time Bob took a long hard look at his daughter - the one who's 17 going on 35, the one who's doing a cracking impersonation of her mother at the moment, the one who's partying until 3am, in the seediest places with even seedier people (she's taking fatherly advice from Noel Gallagher for God's sake), the one who's making public boasts about earning pounds 250,000 a year.
So why does his new film contain graphic discussions of every kind of sexual act, gratuitous repetition of a racial slur and, well, an animal act that you're not likely to find in even the seediest Third World entertainment districts?
We spent Cup Final eve at number 42 Liverpool Road in Luton - the seediest boarding house you can imagine - but we had a great time, and we took the address to be an omen.
Soon he was chronicling the Sim world's seediest side at alphavilleherald.