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On some of the collectors installed on mold line applications, it has been found that periodic and even continuous application of seed material can greatly increase filter life and serviceability of the collector (see sidebar "GM Uses Batch, Continuous Seeding to Improve Dust Collector Filter Life").
Most experiments haven't shown an effect when you seed with silver iodide, the standard seeding procedure," says K.
San Fernando High received its highest City Section boys' soccer playoff seeding in about 20 years Saturday, placed second after winning the Valley Mission League.
Both teams won their respective leagues with unbeaten records, and among the top criteria determining seeding was head-to-head performances in non-tournament situations.
Even though the Sierra snowpack is at 140 percent of normal for this time, the utility is spending up to $100,000 a year on cloud seeding, a technique that some people in the water industry aren't even sure works.
1 seeding accomplished another of Chaminade's early season goals.