seek legal redress

See: litigate
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Solicitor Kevin Timms, of law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: "Even postrecall, owners of affected models are likely to face issues including the reduced resale value of their vehicles, while the significant fall in the company's share price may also give grounds for those affected to seek legal redress.
NZNO may seek legal redress under the Employment Relations Act if the situation cannot be resolved.
Meanwhile, the Kerala Bar Hotel Association on Sunday decided to seek legal redress against the state government's decision to make Kerala a dry state.
Cypriot banks are expected to do the same, before a large number of borrowers seek legal redress (already there are a number of court rulings retroactively reinstating and converting loans in euros, with the banks absorbing the largest proportion of the exchange losses as well as overcharges, such as interest on late payments etc.
Filiz further stated that the operation against the police officers was marked by unprecedented human rights violations and that the lawyers will seek legal redress for their clients at the Constitutional Court and if necessary at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).
I have already outlined previously my view that the changes to Employment Tribunals application costs will mean that many workers will not be able to afford to seek legal redress.
His next step will be to seek legal redress for the accusations levelled him during the hearing, all of which he says are groundless.
represented in their attempts to seek legal redress - To fight AIDS through raising
Sure, in most countries there is a local version of the 'old boy network,' but there are usually open avenues for rectification of wrongs or to challenge processes and seek legal redress, to register a com-plaint and see it pur-sued.
When he reneges on his promises of freeing her, she attempts to seek legal redress.
Thompson, who played for the Glasgow club between 2000 and 2007, winning four Scottish Premier League titles and three Scottish Cups, could seek legal redress.