seek to

See: attempt
References in classic literature ?
Now will you stay with us, and learn what even mortals seek to know, that labor brings true happiness?
I will seek to win their pardon, and show them that I am no longer the cruel Fairy who so harmed them," thought Thistle, "and when they become again my friends, I will ask their help to find the Air Spirits; and if I deserve it, they will gladly aid me on my way.
No sooner was this business done, than the words seemed to leave us; and though I would seek to jest with Alan under the name of Mr.
Matthew Houde is retiring in District 5, and Sandy Harris of Claremont and David Pierce of Hanover both seek to replace him in what should be a Democratic district, as well, in one of the few contested primaries.
However, some of the proposals seek to address valid concerns within the existing eminent domain and redevelopment law.
While this may be true, researchers in artificial intelligence and affective computing (Burleson & Picard, 2004; Picard, Vyzas, & Healey, 2001; Pantic & Rothkrantz, 2000) seek to develop intelligent applications that detect a user's affect while interacting with computers to help cope with negative affects.
Insurers invariably seek to rescind policies containing such representations or warranties when faced with securities fraud claims based upon financial statements incorporated by reference into the application or the policy.
The IPT will seek to revise or implement any guidance and policy changes to improve communication within the professional acquisition community and facilitate the way ahead.
The President spoke of the significant progress we have made confronting the enemy abroad, removing many of al-Qaida's top commanders, cutting off terrorist finances, and putting pressure on states that sponsor or harbor terrorists or seek to proliferate weapons of mass destruction.
Such research could also move away from the concept of separating individuals into "delayers" and "non-delayers" per se and seek to understand further the process of help-seeking across a wide range of delay times.
Cross-cultural competency is achieved by: (1) having professionals first develop an awareness about their own cultural perspective; (2) having professionals then develop an awareness of other's cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors; (3) having professionals then seek to understand culturally generic values and how they vary across and among cultures; and (4) having professionals seek specific information about cultural practices to child rearing, health and disability, and seeking of help/support systems.
Traditionally, law enforcement authorities seek to extradite Mexican national fugitives who flee the United States to evade justice and take refuge in Mexico.