seem to be

See: demean
References in classic literature ?
All the women seem to be wearing smart frocks, and some of those foreign uniforms are gorgeous.
Always I seem to be pulled two different ways, to be struggling to see things from two different points of view.
It seemed strange that he should frizzle in hell merely because he was a Chinaman; but if salvation was possible whatever a man's faith was, there did not seem to be any particular advantage in belonging to the Church of England.
His youthful confidence in the perpetuity of poetry, of the poetical interests in life, creed-less as he may otherwise seem to be, is, we think, a token, though certainly an unconscious token, of the spontaneous originality of his muse.
Both series of facts seem to be connected together by some common but unknown bond, which is essentially related to the principle of life.
But, leaving aside what would seem to be issues of proportion in this relationship, this discussion also has the effect of demonstrating just how corporately modern Russians view themselves.
Sublime' is how The Observer described it and I would second that, pausing only to note that three commonly cited synonyms for sublime seem to be noble, majestic and aweinspiring.
We've had numerous meetings, the school modifications are underway to accommodate wheelchair access--things seem to be going relatively smoothly.
Movements so slight, so tentative, that they almost seem to be invisible.
Most seem to be dismissive of this performance but she could only beat what was put in front of her and I thought she did it impressively.
Real Estate Weekly: There does seem to be an awful lot of people looking to make there next career move.
It'll probably be cut to two live hours when Golic rejoins, but it would seem to be a perfect spot to slip in Fred Wallin, who works weekends these days.