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While it is disturbing that the LAPD has seen fit to request $125,000 worth of pepper spray, tear gas and gas guns, a more productive line of inquiry would be to assess the effects and results of each position.
We are disappointed that the Court of International Trade has not seen fit to reverse the ITC's decision.
We are pleased the Court has seen fit to allow this litigation to proceed," Drill said.
Toronto -- The media, in particular Toronto's Globe and Mail, have seen fit to celebrate the coming of the contraceptive pill in Canada.
May I also take this opportunity to say how disappointed I am that the Albert Dock has now seen fit to only allow free parking for the disabled out of hours.
Joe and Simon are the town outcasts in a sun-dappled New England village; Simon for obvious physical reasons, Joe because his luminous mother, Rebecca (Ashley Judd), has never seen fit to identify his father.
We are gratified that USTDA has seen fit to entrust us with some of its most important events over the last decade, including the Rebuilding Afghanistan Conference, the Secure Trade in the APEC Region Conference in Bangkok, the upcoming Middle East and North Africa Information and Communications Technology Conference in Oman, and the recent two-week visit to the U.
How is it, then, that they have seen fit to vilify The Passion when the charges are not all evident?