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Using the AELPS alphome (Bell Labs) + two more AEPRS transpositions yields a longer seesaw.
On his return to England, Daniel set about investigating the opportunities and while completing his research report for his combined master's degree he came up with the seesaw concept.
What might add a little intrigue to the ferrous scrap market is that the two people on either end of the seesaw can be envisioned as extreme athletes, with tattoos prominently displayed and helmets and elbow-pads strapped on, seeking a wild seesaw ride, so the ups and the downs are a lot higher and lower and they come around a lot faster often with a crash at the end.
Now that it is, though, it might only mean that the ride has only become even wilder yet, with the extreme athletes on the ferrous scrap seesaw hitting new highs while still being able to plunge back down to Earth just as far as they did in the late 1990s.
Later the seesaw tilted back, with society and culture subverting the majesty of natural systems.
With the Earth now appearing to move out of a settled climate period, the experts believe the time could be ripe for the seesaw effect to happen again.
Especially noteworthy are the voices of the two 14-year-old friends who seesaw from typical adolescents to young women overwhelmed by circumstances they only partially understand, making decisions that are well intentioned but immature.
The play area has swings, a multi-activity centre, seesaw and roundabout.
The outcome is that loans have essentially swapped places with grants on the seesaw of educational finance.
If someone sues over an ordinary event, like a child falling off a seesaw, the judge should throw it out.
In January, the foundry industry experienced a PR seesaw of sorts with two separate news stories that hit the presses.