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The seethingly indignant responses of his critics testify to the bang with which Crisp had arrived.
The labyrinthine verbal and strategic cruelties this group - calling them ``dysfunctional'' seems so trivial, so New Agey, for a band simmering with so much primal rage - perpetrates upon each other amount to a high-stakes game of cerebral one-upmanship so seethingly sinister and virulently ingenious that Karl Rove - or, if your tastes lean more to pop culture, Richard Hatch - appear positively genteel by comparison.
But there's a lot more going on here -for that unseen mother (a tangible presence throughout thanks to Faber's downtrodden but seethingly vengeful performance) turns out to have been a bit of a sexual predator.
He has further distinguished himself by weaving infusing chants and rants that range from politically irreverent to seethingly sexual.