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Of these 43, 3 patients were retreated by segmental resections for a recurrence suspected on the basis of the 3-month follow-up CTs; they were tumour-free on histopathology of the resected segment (Table 2a).
Focal Segmental Clomerulosclerosis (FSCS) in Children and Young Adults Interventional Study.
Segmental duplication information in the human genome can be readily acquired from http:// humanparalogy.
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in nephrotic adults: presentation, prognosis, and response to therapy of the histologic variants.
Anahtar kelimeler: Anjiyoma serpiginozum, segmental
Businesses within our industry are accustomed to outsourcing temporary employment services for administrative and clerical needs, says Segmental Pavement President Ray Clark.
The analysis of segmental features employed in this monograph utilizes recent versions (2003, 2006) of the Parallel Structures Model of Bruce Moren, a colleague of Kramer at the University of Tromso.
Normal paediatric brain developmental anatomy knowledge is critical before attempting to interpret complex abnormalities such a segmental spinal dysgenesis.
Pathologists have used different terms in their reports, sometimes with the intention of reflecting the extension of the lesion; for example, FSGS with collapsing features has been used in cases where segmental sclerosis with accumulation of extracellular matrix was the predominant lesion in a given biopsy specimen, and collapse was only focally present.
Based on the imaging features, the differential diagnosis includes segmental omental infarction, secondary EA and peritoneal metastasis.
Segmental hemangiomas cover a broad anatomic region or recognized developmental unit such as the entire ear, while localized hemangiomas are confined spatially and often appear to arise from a central focal point.
I offer a caution regarding the Clinimetrics appraisal 'Passive intervertebral motion tests for diagnosis of lumbar segmental instability' (Haxby Abbot 2007).

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