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The number of globally sclerotic glomeruli, segmentally sclerotic glomeruli, and glomeruli with periglomerular fibrosis were provided in all renal biopsy reports.
29-31) Fasciaand Muscles: Ligaments: Ligaments: muscles: movement posterior vertebral bodies & dynamic (29,30) lumbar spine IVD (29,30) stabilization (29,30) (29,30) Thoracolumbar Longissimus- Supraspinous Anterior longitudinal fascia thoracis ligament ligament Quadratus Iliocostalis- Interspinous Posterior longitudinal lumborum lumborum ligament ligament Transverse Rectus Ligamentum abdominis abdominis flavurn Internal Iliolumbar oblique ligament Lumbar multifidus ([dagger]) ([dagger]) Innervated by the medial branch of the dorsal ramus, independently and segmentally.
In most Estonian declensions, the nominative singular is segmentally minimal, though this form is not basic, in that the presence or absence of a final vowel is usually predictable from the prosodic structure of the partitive or genitive singular, as discussed in section 3 below.
Lexical accessing would thus be greatly enhanced if the beginnings of lexical morphemes were clearly demarcated, either segmentally or prosodically (e.
As our nation's first segmentally constructed concrete arch bridge, it has 196 superstructure segments and 122 arch segments and is exactly 1,648 feet long.
Metapeltidium with one transverse row of tubercles and dorsal surface of opisthosoma with seven segmentally arranged, transverse rows of tubercles (Fig.
Naturally, it is this inequality "between cites" that lures citizens of non-global cities to the global cities, just as from "my city by the lagoon" the collection transits segmentally to "London Letter.
Similarly, the development of functionally delimited supranational and transnational jurisdictional claims in the global political system can supplement and overlap without abolishing the autonomy of segmentally differentiated territorial sovereign states.
Nevertheless, the Fasti, containing its own archival share of transformational mythology, is, like Poly-Olbion, segmentally structured, and its speaker likewise engages in dialogue with multiple voices mapping Roman spaces to illuminate the interassociation of landscape, legend, and the ritual year.
050m internal diameter precast concrete smoothbore segmentally lined tunnel.
The nervous system of glossiphoniid leeches comprises a relatively simple network of longitudinal and segmentally iterated nerves.